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"I thought I would let you know that while at my directors meeting in Chicago I met another director from our San Diego office. I mentioned you guys and she said she had seen a ton of your shows and thought you guys were awesome. Small world!"

"Listened to your CDs the other night and closed my eyes and imagined I was on the beach with you guys and watching the sun go down in the Pacific.....Thanks again Ted for the music!"

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"As I listen to the Cd's in my car of the great music we made this summer I just can't help but rejoice in the magic that was created by you and all of the musicians that made it possible. Thank you for a great time my friend. Love to you and your family Always."
Your Friend ....Martin Fierro

"All feedback about [Delilah Jones] was very positive, the Town was extremely pleased with the music choices for our 1st annual Mammoth Lakes Troutstock Concerts."
- Promoter for Mammoth Lakes Village Festival



MAY 1st  - COOKS CORNER 12:00-4:30pm OUTDOORS

MAY 15th - COOKS CORNER 12:00-4:30pm OUTDOORS

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